Monday, March 29, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 23: motion (swinging)

If your local park has baby swings get over there as soon as the weather permits and, of course, when your baby is able to hold her head up. The fist time swinging outside is a wonderful milestone. Bring your camera; bring the camcorder.

Get your baby comfortable in the swing and allow her to get accustomed to it, and then begin slowly swinging her back and forth. Tell her “You’re swinging. Back and forth. Back and forth.” Wait for her reaction and be sure she is enjoying it. The excited sound of your voice will help.

Your baby is not only enjoying the motion, but is also feeling the sensation of a breeze on her face as well as the fresh scents of spring. Mention the breeze, “Do you feel the breeze?” and touch her cheek. Ask if she smells the fresh air, and then show her how to sniff. This might also be her first time to see a number of other children interacting. There is a lot going on, so be sure to watch for signs of over stimulation (cranky, crying, generally not enjoying what you are doing).

When you are finished swinging, give her a big hug and tell her how proud you are of her.

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