Thursday, March 11, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 17: Hearing

Talk, talk, talk to your baby and you will stimulate the development of the hearing center in the brain. The longer and more you talk with your baby the more brain cell connections occur. These connections set the foundation for the utterance of the first word, and the second word, then dozens and thousands, and a whole language!

So, what do you talk to an infant about? It is as simple as telling him what you are doing. When you are changing his diaper, describe what you are doing. Hold up the diaper and say “diaper” then “next I lift baby, and fold over the diaper “ and so on. Be happy and smile and reinforce a good job once the activity is over: say “Good boy!” with a big smile followed, of course by a cuddle.

Do the same during bath time, changing clothes, or even sorting laundry!

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