Thursday, March 4, 2010

Infant stimulation activity 14: Touch and Language

Is you infant able to sit up in a high chair yet? And do you find yourselves in the kitchen a lot? (Even if you say no, this all can be done while baby is on your lap and any room at all, you may substitute the objects or bring in stuff from the kitchen!) Whatever you are doing int your kitchen, show your baby the object you are working with and name it. For example, if you are holding a cup, show it to her and say, "cup" at least 5 five times. Then let her touch it, if it is plastic then let her hold it! Do the same with a spoon and try other objects even fruits and vegetables.

Finish today’s fun with a big smile and of course a cuddle.

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  1. The relationship baby/mother already exist before birth involving taste and audition. Amniotic fluid has a salty/sour taste and the womb is a very noisy place. Four months into existence the fetus constantly perceives the sounds of maternal intestinal fluid and gasses, of the maternal heartbeat, respiration, gait and voice mixed with external noises.

    The touch sense can become part of the bonding process during the seconds and minutes following birth. This is why it is so important to have the baby laying on mom’s abdomen where she can hold and massage her/him.

    Most important is the participation of the sense of smell. It is a specific feature of the infant/mother bonding method of delivery that the umbilical cord is not severed before the blood circulation of the newborn has completely switched from the placenta to the lungs. The switching process can take several minutes*, while the newborn slowly starts to inhale by little breaths through the nose, each time having the odor of the maternal skin stimulate the smell receptors.

    The taste bond involves the sweet taste of colostrum and breast milk. It is also a specific feature of the infant/mother bonding method of delivery that breastfeeding starts at immediately after birth.

    Vision is the last sense to be involved in the infant/mother bonding process. This will occur gradually during the first days and weeks of life outside the womb. Visual recognition of a mother’s face may occur earlier if preceded by the bonding of the other four senses.
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