Our Advocates

"I love your idea, thank you so much for informing me, and sharing your pictures with me. And I wish you every success" Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe

Dr. Ludington-Hoe is the author of the internationally acclaimed Infant Stimulation Program outlined in the book How to Have a Smarter Baby. Learn more about Dr. Ludington's research on skin-to-skin contact or Kangaroo Care. Dr. Ludington-Hoe most recently has done extensive research on skin-to-skin contact between newborns and mother. For a list of her publications and presentations please click here.

"Delighted to find your Blogs. Congratulations for a very informative and well done job." Edmond Devroey MD

Dr. Devroey is an advocate of improving the childbirth process so that it is less "technical" and instead emphasizes the bonding between the newborn and the mother, as well as the comfort of the newborn. Click here to see his website "happy newborn." Follow Dr. Devroey on twitter.