Friday, September 30, 2011

Security: give it to your newborn

Give your newborn the greatest sense of security you can. When your baby cries she needs something from you.

At first you will question what she needs: is it time to eat, is she hungry, does she need her diaper changed, does she have gas and need to be burped? But never underestimate the simple need for comfort. This little baby is dependent on you for everything including warmth, love, and security.

Stimulate her with as much warmth, love and security as you can. Yes, pick her up when she cries. Soothe her. Show her that she is secure and she is loved. You will never regret these actions.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Infant Stimulation Activity: the power of a cuddle

Hold you infant in your arms. Rock her gently and whisper "I love you."

Research shows that infants who are cuddled, snuggled, and held actually grow up to be more secure and independent.

Naturally you will be holding, rocking, and snuggling your baby, but make this an actual 15 minute infant stimulation activity as often as you like . . . (every day?!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reminder: Key Principles of Infant Stimulation

Infant stimulation activities are fun, important, and influential to your baby’s development. However, these are not exercises in quantity but quality. Baby will benefit most when he is paying attention, therefore, when he is able to pay attention. He shouldn’t be crying, squirming, kicking, or sleepy when you decide to begin stimulation activities.

It is likely that baby is most attentive following his nap. Probably the best indicator as to whether it is a good time to begin interactive stimulation is that your baby is responding to the stimulation. Once he is no longer paying attention, begins to look away, concentrate more on his pacifier, or in any way shows distress (eg crying) it is time to stop.

Now how about you? How are you feeling? Yes, this is just as important! You should always be happy when interacting with your baby. It is okay to skip stimulation activities if you are not up to it. If you are in a bad mood or tired it is actually better to skip the activities for the day. Your baby will still learn many things today, he will still be stimulated, and he will still love you. Take a break and come back tomorrow!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Infant Stimulation Activity: just touch

Present your baby with experiences that foster learning and growth. The best way for your infant to learn is by holding him and playing with him. The interaction is the thing!

Start with TOUCH, or tactile stimulation. Stroke you newborn often. Caress him across the forehead, down his cheek, across his neck, down his arm, and into his hand – repeat for the other side. Then bring him in for a cuddle.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Have you seen the new Babysmartees website? It is new and improved although the basics are still the same: Infant stimulation is the interaction between you and your baby and Babysmartees t-shirts were made to enhance your baby's visual stimulation.

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Top Ten Reasons for Infant Stimulation

1. The foundation of an infant stimulation program is the interaction between a parent and child; enhance the close and loving relationship between you and your baby by starting stimulation activities today.

2. The activities are fun! You should and will enjoy the activities as much as your infant. And wait until you see your baby’s reaction to the activities.

3. Infant stimulation activities do not require a lot of time. An activity should not last longer than 15 minutes.

4. Infant stimulation activities are inexpensive. The few things you might purchase (a Babysmartees t-shirt for visual stimulation, orange or peppermint extract for scent stimulation, or fabric for a tactical blanket) are minor costs.

5. The human brain has its largest growth spurt within the first year of life and a baby’s environment has the strongest impact on his brain. Create a stimulating environment during your baby’s first year.

6. Infant stimulation activities are fun and valuable even before your baby is born. Your baby is able to sense and respond to the world while in the womb. And guess what research has shown to be the best time of day for pre-birth stimulation activities? Fetuses are most alert in the evening between eight and midnight. So rest up from your day and learn an activity to do with the beautiful child you carrying.

7. A father’s involvement is just as important as a mother’s. Infant stimulation activities are perfect opportunities for father and baby to bond. While mom bears the responsibility for the pregnancy, the birth, and the feeding, both parents can be and should be doing stimulation activities with their baby.

8. These are activities that the whole family can enjoy with baby. There is no reason to limit infant stimulation activities to the parents and baby only, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can learn and enjoy the program too! Just be certain they understand the goal and to always ensure that baby is enjoying himself.

9. Finding activities to do is easy! The Babysmartees Blog is dedicated to infant stimulation activities, so come back daily for new activities and ideas. If you would like to read about the research as well as the activities get a copy of "How to Have a Smarter Baby; Infant Stimulation – Proven Ways to Enhance your Baby’s Natural Development.”

10. With all the good reasons to do infant stimulation activities, I still think this is reason number one: sometimes day in and day out with an infant is not the most stimulating for you. I still remember how every day can feel the same. Having a variety of activities to do with your infant can change things up for you and help you get through another day without it feeling like you are reliving the same day as yesterday!

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