Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 21: hand-eye coordination (stacking)

Although infants still might be young, introducing how to stack can never start too early! Stacking boosts both fine and gross motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination. These activities help a baby learn about spatial relationships and shapes as well as cause and effect when he knocks down the blocks. In the accompanying video, my son is 5 months old. Watch how he focuses on the blocks, grabs them, knocks them over, and watches them get stacked again. Then watch that smile! Oh, and please do not make (too much) fun of my music – I am a product of the 80’s (as was the introduction of Susan Ludington-Hoe’s Infant Stimulation Programs) – Oops, this song was released in 1975 – well, I tried!

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