Saturday, February 6, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 4: Hearing

Watching your newborn respond to your voice is one of the first joys of parenthood. The reaction a baby has when he sees or hears his parent's voice is a wonderful moment. Now that you have this wonderful thought in your head and you and your baby are in good moods, alert, and ready for some interaction, place your baby in front of you (about 10 inches). Call his name several times in your normal voice. Next begin to vary the pitch from high to low. Observe the response of your baby to the different pitch levels.

Next stand near your baby, but out of sight. Call his name and speak to him (about 15 seconds). See if he will turn to you. If he doesn’t try a high pitch voice then a low pitch one to see what may stimulate your baby to turn and look for you.

When your baby sees you – give a him a big smile and then a cuddle!

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