Friday, February 26, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 11: See and Touch

Is your baby tracking you or objects in your hand? (This is really fun to see when they start watching you eat – around 4 months or so!) For infant stimulation have some fun watching your baby track an object. Hold a soft toy up in the air and slowly bring it close to baby and then back out. Bring the toy in and tickle your baby. Bring it back out and repeat. Watch his reaction as he waits for the tickle! See if he can track the object as you move it side to side – perhaps tickling on hand and then the other.

Even if your infant is not old enough to track the object or expect the tickle this activity is still fun and interactive. Your baby can still see the object when close and feel it when you tickle him and most importantly know that you are having fun together.

Bonus: Add sound: sing a song that matches the movement, make noises that match the movement (whoo whoo, train sounds, airplane sounds)

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  1. Hi! I just saw your comment on my blog on ideas to puree "real" food (btw, I totally agree with you on the jarred meats - I've tried most of her baby food, but the jarred meats are the one thing both my husband and I decided we didn't need to taste - yuck!).

    I was actually just thinking I'd try that route myself and made some soup today that I was going to try pureeing for her (though I realized I need to cook the veggies more for that work).

    I think you might be a lifesaver. And now the stimulation activities! I used to ask the pediatrician for this every time I'd go in and they always just said - oh talk to her. I'm having one of those at my wits end type of days and your ideas are so helpful! Do you have anything for older babies?

    Thanks so much!!!