Friday, March 11, 2011

Infant Stimulation Activity 128: Fabric Ball

Choose a couple pieces of fabric strips of various textures - for example, a strip of terry cloth, a strip of burlap, a strip of felt, and a strip of satin. Tie the strips of fabric together and secure in the center with another strip of fabric to make a ball.

Your baby will enjoy holding the ball and feeling the different textures. And you can interact with her by explaining the different textures as you rub the fabric strips on her hand. "This is satin. It is smooth." "This is terry cloth. It is soft."


  1. I think any excuse to talk to a baby is great, even if it's about fabric textures! Great idea!


  2. YOU got it! I just give ideas to do things a little differently each day. Glad you are enjoying the ideas. Sincere thanks.