Thursday, December 30, 2010

Want to learn to make homemade baby food?

Will you be in the Albany/Saratoga Springs area in the new year? If so look into attending a Babysmartees Homemade Babyfood Class. We are pleased to announce that our first class is on January 19, at 9:30am at Virgil's House on Henry Street in Saratoga Springs.

Learn how easy it is to give your baby a wide variety of all natural, nutritious food. Never worry about how food from the jar has been processed or that it will be recalled. Save money and make your baby's transition to adult food easier.

Registration is easy, just click here.

You won't be in our area. Don't worry, order the Babysmartees Homemade Babyfood Starter Kit and get what you need to start making homemade baby food including a recipe starter booklet with easy-to-do recipes and instructions on how to freeze and store your homemade baby food.

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