Thursday, May 27, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 44: The Interaction is the Thing!

Even what you might consider the most mundane activities can become pivotal infant stimulation activities that enhance your baby’s brain development. Remember, two things: 1) every activity is new to your infant and 2) it is all about the interaction and fun the two of you have together.

One of our favorite summertime activities was eating corn on the cob, and of course you have to husk the corn. My husband and son would sit in the backyard and enjoy this activity together at least once a week all summer long. Yes, my son, as an infant would interact with his father husking corn!

The stimulators were great – the feel of the grass, the sound of his father’s voice, the texture of the corn cob, and of course all the scents that go with being outside in the summer time. This is a treasured memory – and the husking still remains one of their favorite summertime activities!

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