Sunday, January 23, 2011

Infant Stimulation Activity 116: rattle this

A baby's rattle does not have to be something bought at the store with a little jingle sound. Try making your own rattles. Put some dried beans into a plastic container and fasten the lid on securely with tape. Shake it gently to one side of your baby's head and wait for him to locate the sound.

You can try different sounds by using rice, buttons and macaroni. See if baby prefers certain sounds to other ones.


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  4. hi, you have a great blog! That's a great idea. I haven't thought of that when my daughter was still a baby. I'm already your follower. Thanks for the follow.

  5. I definitely need to try this. My daughter is 22 month old, she will probably also have fun opening it up and splashing it everywhere. We love messes too :)

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  9. I used to make something similar to this for my daughter ( 30 years ago) when she was a baby. Excellent. Thank you for following my blog and for offering top let me review baby smarties. Unfortunately my youngest grandchild is a year old. Please contact me again and include a contact address and lets discuss possibilities. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  10. My 2 year old still loves to do this! We make drums and instruments out of everything! Can't wait to try some of this stuff with my 2 month old.

    So glad we meet on this crazy bloggy world my new friend! ;)