Thursday, January 6, 2011

Infant Stimulation Activity 113: whisper time

By 5-6 months you have been interacting with baby lots and talking with him and playing all kinds of games. A fun twist on this is to do whisper time. Get close to your baby and whisper to him; whisper how much you love him, how beautiful you think he is, how smart he is, and how very happy you are that he is your baby. He will enjoy the feeling of closeness, the intimacy, and he will sense the beautiful things you are telling him.

This is probably best done when he is not eager for activity, perhaps at the end of another interactive activity and your baby is ready to wind down or take a break.

Of course, this activity can be done at any age with baby, but it is likely that you have not been whispering as much when he is 6 months old (and alert and active and interactive) as when he was a newborn (and new and quiet and fragile). You will see how much fun it is to change it up!


  1. Liking your blog. Great ideas of things to do with baby.

  2. Hey, I just nominated your the Stylish Blogger Award. You can see it at…y-second-award/ Thanks!

  3. Great blog. New followers.
    Are you going to post some of your homemade baby food recipes online from your class?
    ~ Carol

  4. Hmmm, honestly the recipes are not anything crazy. They are very simple. The point to homemade baby food is setting your child on path to a great relationship with food and your dedication to do so. Are you too far away for the homemade baby food class? Maybe I should make my homemade baby food recipe booklet available? It is sooooo easy!

    Sincere thanks for writing - let me think how to incorporate!

  5. What a fantastic blog! I wish I knew you when my kids were little -- I could have used some of these skills and suggestions. I love the whisper post. I do this now when they're in bed. You're providing such important content here.

    Thanks also for coming on to my blog and commenting.