Saturday, October 16, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 87: Tummy Time Series - non-traditional

Tummy time is instrumental for infants to build their head and neck muscles which is the foundation for eventually rolling, crawling, and walking. Tummy time however does not have to be done with baby on the floor. Tummy time can also be done by laying baby, tummy-side down, securely across your legs keeping one hand on her back. This position requires her to pick her head up in order to look around or find your voice. For very small infants, the time they lift their head will be extremely brief but you will find as time goes on they get stronger and can keep their heads up a lot longer.

Laying baby across your legs, call your baby’s name or with your free hand gently shake a rattle. Watch as baby lifts her head to find the source of the sound. Repeat several times trying to get baby to look in the different directions. For added stimulation, make this tummy time with skin-to-skin contact by having baby wear just a diaper and you wear shorts or a skirt.

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