Monday, October 4, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 81: Tummy Time Series - newborn

It is not uncommon to begin tummy time when a baby is only 2 weeks old. One of the best ways to get baby comfortable is to incorporate skin-to-skin contact. Enjoy some tummy-to-tummy time (or tummy-to-chest) with your baby by laying her bare belly onto your bare belly or chest. This is a great time to chat with her, sing her a song, or even just enjoy the sensation of being together . . . literally.

If you are doing several tummy time session a day, a few minutes each session, then this is a great activity to do as one of your first sessions of the day or even one of your last - perhaps after bath time when baby is already undressed and you both would enjoy some closeness at the end of the day.

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