Friday, August 13, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 65: fun in the kitchen

If you are in charge of the cooking and therefore are spending time in the kitchen with your baby, do not forget to let him explore this room too.

Language is a large part of his development, so tell him everthing you are doing. "Mommy is pouring the milk." "Daddy is stirring his coffee." Mommy is cutting the onion; it makes my eyes water!"

Also, there is no difference to a baby in learning words like duck, dog, and horse versus the words spatula, spoon, and cup. So show him a spatula and say "spatula" and so on for the many objects you are using. Then let baby hold, touch, and experience safe kitchen objects.

Finally, do not forget sounds. Note your baby's response to turning on and off the water, or hearing onions sauteeing, or the sound of the blender. Just always be certain that baby is in a safe and secure place when he is in the kitchen with you.

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