Saturday, April 3, 2010

Infant Stimulation Activity 25: security

One of the most important sensations your newborn can feel is security. Introduce a security toy to keep your baby company in his crib. How about a black and white panda?! Whatever you choose, the toy should be small, soft, and light weight. As your baby comes to know this toy and find it where he is surrounded by comfort and calm you will be able to use it when surroundings are not so comfortable for baby. For example, if you are traveling and staying in a hotel or at someone's home, your baby will recognize the toy and know that all is well at sleep time.

More ways to make bed time in an unfamiliar place more peaceful to baby is to have established a routine. Sing the same bed time lullaby every night and wish your baby a good night with the same words, "good night," "nighty-nighty," "sweet dreams." Whatever you choose repeat the same words each night and seal it with a kiss.

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